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The master’s function is not to save you

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本文摘要:It is the h form of love where nothing is asked for, no con, where one simply enjoys giving. One gets much – but that is secondary, and that happens of its own accord.它是爱人的最低形式,你一无所求,没条件,你只是享用给与。你获得很多——但那是其次的,那不会自行再次发生。


It is the h form of love where nothing is asked for, no con, where one simply enjoys giving. One gets much – but that is secondary, and that happens of its own accord.它是爱人的最低形式,你一无所求,没条件,你只是享用给与。你获得很多——但那是其次的,那不会自行再次发生。

To create a state of love between the master and the means we are avoiding the of surrender; we are making the responsible. Surrender becomes, in most of the cases, an ... because the thinks, ”I have surrendered to the master – now it is his respons to change me, to transform me, to take me to the heights where he belongs.” He starts th in terms of the master as the savior, that ”I have found the savior; now I will believe and have faith in him and he is to save me.”在师父与弟子之间建构出爱的境界,意味著我们在避免臣服这一工具,同时我们在让弟子们负责管理。在大多数情况下,臣服出了不负责管理……因为弟子想要,“我早已臣服于师父了,现在转变我、转变我、把我带回他所在的境界,是他的责任。

”他开始把师父视作救世主,“我寻找了救世主,我会坚信他,他不会解救我的。”That’s what all the rel of the world are doing. They have found the savior, and they have all their respons. Now it is the duty of Jesus or Krishna or Buddha to take you in their arms an you into the h state of being.那就是全球所有宗教在做到的。他们寻找了救世主,他们拿起了自己所有的责任。现在那是耶稣、克里希那或佛陀的义务,他要抱着起你,把你带入不存在的最低境界。

ow, this is not possible. Nobody can take you to the ultimate; you will have to go on your own, alone. The master’s function is not to save you: his function is to show you the path. You have to save yourself.现在,这是不有可能的。没有人能把你带到终极;你必需自己一个人回头。师父的起到不是解救你:他的起到是为你指路。

你必需解救自己。Except for you there is no one who can become your savior.除了你,没有人能沦为你的救世主。eople have never thought about it: The moment you think somebody else can save you, you are becoming on somebody else. An is not the right way to reach to the high peaks of consc, – total – freedom. You are cutting your wings with your own hands, and now you will not be able to fly to the moon.人们从未想要过这一点:一旦你指出别人能解救你,你就显得倚赖别人了。倚赖不是通向意识的高峰的准确之路,独立国家——几乎的独立国家——权利。

你在临死前砍断你的双翼,现在你将没有办法飞向月亮。The moment you think of your master as a friend, you save him from the respons of being your savior, and you save yourself by becoming responsible, by taking the whole path – its , its beauties, its anguishes and its ecstasies... accepting everything with tremendous respons.一旦你把你的师父视作朋友,你就把他从当你救世主的责任中挽回了出来,你挽回了自己,通过负责管理,通过特地回头整条路——它的痛苦,它的美丽,它的伤痛,它的幻觉……带着很大的责任采纳一切。You are alone, an you have to seek an. And only in your ultimate aloneness will you find it. The master can only show you the path. He is only a finger po to the moon. He is certainly a great frien what he is to you is the greatest bliss in life.你是分开的,你必需分开的探寻、找寻。



Ex moves in two ways. One is the hor way, like a straight line moving from A to B, from B to C, up to X Y Z. You start becoming more and more alive.不存在在两个方向上运营/移动。一是水平方向,像从A到B,从B到C直到XYZ的直线移动。你开始显得更加有活力。

erhaps at point A you were just a stone. Yes, there is some kind of life in the rocks too, because they grow. The H are still growing higher, every year one foot. They are still young an full of energy to go higher. They are the h mountains in the world – seem to be in energy, as if they want to touch the stars.也许在A点你曾多次是块石头。是的,石头里也有某种生命,因为它们茁壮。



它们是世上最低的山群——或许能量用不完,样子它们想要看清星辰。I was born near a mountain which is the oldest mountain in the world, V. It came out of the ocean at the very beg – the first mountain in the world. It is the oldest; ancient... it has stoppe for m of years. It is so old that there is a beautiful story about it.我出生于在一座山附近,那是世上最古老的山,名为温地亚恰尔山。一开始它从海洋里晃了出来——世上第一座山。


One great sage was going to his message towards the south – V is just in the middle of India – and for the old sage to cross the mountain was really . Seeing the of the old sage, V bent down, just as if somebody were touching your feet, an the way to the sage. And the sage said, ”Remain as you are, because I will have to come back again, and by that time I will be even older. So please wait for me!” But the sage never came back; he died in the south, so V is still bent.一个大圣人要去南方传播他的讯息——温地亚恰尔山恰好在印度中间——对于杨家圣人来说爬山知道是艰难。看见杨家圣人的艰难,温地亚恰尔山转弯下腰来,就像一个人在触碰你的双脚一样,给这位圣人停下来。圣人说道,“维持这个姿势,因为我还不会回去,到时候我就更加杨家了。

所以请求等我!”但圣人很久没有回去,他杀在了南方,所以温地亚恰尔山依然弯着腰。I have been to the place where the sage went; it is still bent like an old man. But it is the most ancient; nothing grows, it has come to a full stop. But it did grow sometime in the past.我去过那位圣人去过的地方,它依然像个老人一样弯着腰。但它是最古老的,什么也很短,它早已几乎暂停了。但过去它有时候不会生长。

The H are the newest mountains, the latest mountains in the world to have come out of the ocean. They are still growing, becoming higher an.喜马拉雅就是指海洋里出来的世上最年长、近期的山群。它们还在生长,显得更加低。

Even rocks grow, so don’t think they don’t have life; but the life is very , very asleep – not even a dream, just and deep sleep. But it is still life, maybe the most pr – at point ”A” of a hor line.即便岩石也生长,所以别以为它们没生命,但它们的生命十分的潜伏,十分的沉眠——连梦都没,只有黑暗和沉眠。但它依然是生命,也许是最完整的——在水平线的A点。o there in the hor line is man. An are men ahead of you, but they are not higher than you. There is Albert E – he is ahead of you, you may perhaps be miles back, but it is the same line... a linear progress. The between you and him may be miles, but it is the same road. Even if somebody reaches the very end of the line, reaches Z, then too he becomes at the most Zorba the Greek.所以在水平线上有人。在你前方有人,但他们(境界)远比你低。


I have loved the name ”Zorba the Greek” for so many reasons. One is because Z is the last letter in the alphabet. He is the Z; he is the end of the line. He is more alive than any man, but his al does not make him higher than you. His al is more like a wil – but ; full of energy, v, but blind, with no eyes to see. Yes, he can dance, but his dance will not have anything of in it. It will be tremen powerful but it will remain earthly.我之所以爱人“希腊左巴”这个名字,有很多原因。一是因为Z是字母表里的最后一个字母。




The hor line moves on the earth. You can become at the most Zorba the Greek, but your unconsc will still be your life; you will still be groping in . You will still be unaware that there is another also – the vertical .水平线在地球上移动。你不算可以沦为希腊左巴,但你的无意识依然是你的生命/生活;你依然不会在黑暗中摸索。你依然觉知将近还有另一个适性——横向的适性。

The vertical moves from A to a higher A. It goes on moving higher, but it remains the same energy, A becoming purified, becoming more conscious, becoming more alert; ult becoming fully conscious. It does not move from A to B, from B to C; it simply moves from A1 to A2, to A3, to A4. At point A4 something happens that we call the awakened one.横向适性从A到更高的A。它不时的回头的更高,但它依然是同一股能量,A获得净化,显得更加有意识,显得更为警觉;最后变为几乎有意识。

它不从A移动到B,从B移动到C;它从A1移动到A2,到A3,到A4。在A4点,某些我们称作唤醒者的事情再次发生了。Life moving hor remains simply life; life moving vert becomes consc.生命水平移动就依然只是生命;生命横向移动就变为了意识。

It becomes consc, it becomes a new phenomenon. Hor life always has a goal to it, it is goal-or. When you are at B, your eyes are focused on C. When you are at point B, you are not there at all; either you are th of point A that you have left behind – your past, all your yesterdays, your memories – or you are projecting into the future: B, C, E... up to Z, a whole long line of goals.它变为了意识,它出了一个新的现象。水平的人生总是有一个目标,它是目标导向的。


Your mind is either in the yesterdays or in the tomorrows, but it is never herenow. You are never where you are; you are always somewhere else, where you are not.你的头脑要么在昨天,要么在明天,但它从来不在此时此地。你也总有一天不出你身处之处,你总是在别的地方,你人不出的地方。

This is the whole tension of the human mind, that it is always absent where it is actually present, and it is present where it is not actually present – an ever be present in any possible way.这就是人的头脑的全部紧绷,它总是不出它实际所处之处,它在它实际不出之处——它显然没有办法待在当下。If you are at point B, you are at point B: you can only think of C, you can it. You can have memories of the past and you can have of the future – but you are in the present.如果你在B点,你就在B点:你不能想要C,你能想象它。你可以有对过去的回想,你可以有对未来的想象——但你就在当下。